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Connect with Nature @ Mai Po

27-28 March

© WWF-Hong Kong

Connect with Nature @ Mai Po is happening on 27-28 March! We have restructured the event as a healthy outdoor activity that allows for social distancing while retaining the fun elements for family, friends and corporate staff to connect with nature.
Spending time outdoors in a small-group setting is great for family wellbeing, offering a memorable day experience with our reserve team, who will be on hand to provide insights into Mai Po’s special habitats and species. Special highlights this year will include ceramics workshops, invasive species removal, art jam and more! 

Theme: Our Habitat, Our Home

Mai Po Nature Reserve is one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Hong Kong, with a rich and diverse array of birds and other wildlife. But none of this would be here were it not for its equally rich and diverse habitats. Six distinct habitat types – fishponds, freshwater ponds, reedbeds, gei wai, mangroves and mudflats – can be found within Mai Po, some with their own unique wildlife and all playing a vital role in sustaining local biodiversity. Some habitats, like mangroves, even provide important services to humans like protecting coastal areas from typhoons. That’s why this event centres on the theme  “Our Habitat, Our Home”.  

Through the activities held along the walking route, participants will learn about the importance of Mai Po’s habitats and of preserving them for biodiversity and for our own wellbeing.  

© WWF-Hong Kong

 Apart from enjoying the beauty of the wetlands, participants can take part in fun educational activities along the route, including a bird hide visit, expert talks and a chance to meet our new resident water buffaloes! 
© WWF-Hong Kong
Route B: Wetlands Exploration
(Suitable for Age 9 and above)
  1. Mikania Removal - One of the most common invasive species in the reserve. Experts will help participants search for traces of the species, introduce the impacts of mikania infestation and lead a clearance activity in the Reserve.
  2. Ceramic Workshop- Learn more about the gei wai culture and the beauty of different species in Mai Po by creating their own unique species using mud from the gei wai.
  3. Postcard Drawing Station - Breathe in nature in the middle of a freshwater pond as you learn simple techniques to draw the many frequent wildlife visitors in Mai Po.
  4. The Mangrove Boardwalk -- Walk along a magnificent mangrove forest accompanied by our professional eco-guide, who will take you to a floating bird hide where you enjoy the magnificent view over Inner Deep Bay and glimpse the thriving mudflat ecology.
  5. Rope bag DIY hub - Create a sustainable shopping bag using natural materials
  6. Sustainable plant pot workshop - Create your own sustainable plant pot with a range of succulent plants.