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Chairman's Message

Edward Ho
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WWF is one of the few organizations in Hong Kong which have the technical expertise, relevant experience and credibility to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. We were the first major environmental group set up in Hong Kong in the 1980’s. Before then, nature conservation was not much known.

Today, we are recognized not only for our wetland management work in Mai Po Nature Reserve, but also for our marine education programmes at the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre as well as the world-renowned Earth Hour event which raises awareness about excessive carbon emissions.

Our achievements over the years would not have been possible if not for the passion of WWF staff and their fresh and innovative approaches to conservation.

We will continue to be guided by our principles – to be both science-based and solution-based. At the same time, we will continuously innovate in the way we work as well as in the ways we communicate and create engagement with external stakeholders and our own colleagues alike, to deliver even more impactful environmental conservation achievements.

I believe the most pressing issue today is our excessive Ecological Footprint, which threatens to deplete our land, marine and other types of our planet's finite resources. We need the continuous support of the public as well as proactive government policies to turn this situation around. We aim for Hong Kong to become the most sustainable city in Asia, where nature is conserved, carbon pollution is reduced and consumption is environmentally responsible.

Edward M. Ho
Chairman, Executive Council of WWF-Hong Kong

WWF-Hong Kong Annual Review 2019