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Message from the CEO

 Hong Kong’s coastal habitats and oceans are rich in biodiversity, with close to 6,000 marine species recorded in the territory. But the future of our biodiversity is at stake, and some previously common fish species are close to extinction. The threats include climate change, marine litter, development, unregulated fishing practices and escalating marine traffic.
If everyone in the world led the lifestyle of Hong Kongers, 4.2 Earths would be needed to cope with our drain on renewable natural resources, a significant increase from the 2016 figure of 3.9 Earths. This high consumption lifestyle has far-reaching effects. Hong Kong needs to build biodiversity considerations into trade, investment and infrastructure decisions, and expand its marine protected areas system to the 30 per cent of coastal waters global standard of coverage.
We are also focusing our attention on the opportunities for sustainable development across the Greater Bay Area. We are working closely with WWF-China and other partners to identify the challenges and potential risks on both marine areas and coastal wetlands. From 2000-2015, the Greater Bay’s Ecological Footprint increased by 75 per cent! As the majority of Hong Kong’s food is imported from mainland China, there is immense pressure on natural resources from our city’s unsustainable consumption patterns.
A shift in our daily habits, coupled with support from business and government, can help to stem the runaway consumption that is impacting the habitats and natural resources we depend on. We can all play our part to Change the Way We Live. It’s time to create a New Deal for Nature and People and secure a better future for our oceans and our planet.

Peter Cornthwaite
Chief Executive Officer
WWF-Hong Kong
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Peter Cornthwaite
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