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Diamond Members

Double Diamond Members 2019/20
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Members' Voices

"Canon Hongkong (CHK) has been supporting WWF for 10 years. Our company appreciates WWF's contribution to conservation because it shares the same value of Canon's corporate philosophy 'Kyosei'*. We always encourage green lifestyles and our staff actively participates in environmental protection activities, such as experiencing Hong Kong's biodiversity in Mai Po and exploring the real coastal environment with lively marine species in Hoi Ha Wan. Through these activities, we have realized the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature."

*'Kyosei' in Japanese means living and working together for the common good.

Mr Vincent Cheung
Senior Director and General Manager
Consumer Imaging & Information Group Corporate Communications Division
Canon Hongkong Co., Ltd.


"We believe that everyone plays a proactive role in protecting the environment. As a responsible business citizen, environmental protection is part of our corporate vision. WWF's educational activities throughout the year provide our staff and their families with first-hand experience in the nature, teaching them about the importance of environmental conservation. Together with our staff, we strive for a better future for the generations to come."

Mr Lawrence Ho
Chairman and CEO
Melco Group


"Power Assets is committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and minimising the impact of our operations. We are delighted to support and partner with WWF in our efforts to help combat climate change."

Mr Tso Kai-sum
Group Managing Director
Power Assets Holdings Limited