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Shui Hau & Clam Digging
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Shui Hau Wan is a unique area comprising various coastal habitats, including marshes, mangroves intertidal sand and mud flat, boulder shores and rocky shores. Due to its varying habitat features, it supports a relatively high biodiversity with more than 180 species recorded, including the “Living Fossils” horseshoe crab.

But Shui Hau has been facing high levels of disturbance and pressure from human activities such as clam digging. Unregulated clam digging is a serious problem that can lead to juvenile horseshoe crabs being trampled and may change the composition and density of the benthic community structure and the availability of prey. Large Asiatic hard clams here have all but disappeared due to this unsustainable activity. 

The Shoring up Shui Hau project aims to preserve the high ecological value of Shui Hau and lower human disturbance from ecotourism and encourage the long-term sustainable use of coastal resources.

© WWF-Hong Kong