lacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) fins at frenzied surface, Aldabra Atoll, ... 
© / Cheryl-Samantha Owen / WWF

Saying No to Shark Fin

By reducing consumption, we can conserve shark species and help restore its number to a healthy level.

More than a thousand shark and ray species in our oceans play multiple key roles in marine ecosystems. While sharks are not common in Hong Kong waters, its survival is strongly tied with our city. Hong Kong is the centre of the lucrative shark fin trade, accounting for more than 40 per cent of the global trade every year.  

With tens of millions sharks killed annually, a quarter of the sharks and rays are now threatened with extinction. The huge demand for shark fin as delicacy in Chinese banquets is one of the major factors fueling global shark fisheries. That’s why saying no to buying and eating shark fin and related products is currently the best way to protect the species.

What Individuals Can Do

  • Support shark-free restaurants and eateries (See No Shark Fin Restaurant list below).
  • Choose sustainable seafood. Check our Seafood Guide before going grocery shopping or dining out. Stay away from seafood in the "Red-Avoid" category, and play your part in saving our oceans.
  • Organise Shark-free banquets and sign up for our Wedding Donation Package
  • Sharks are rarely encountered by swimmers and divers in Hong Kong, and the species that still persist in Hong Kong are largely harmless. Getting accurate records of shark sightings is critical for understanding their conservation status, and for management. Members of the public are encouraged to submit photographs/video of sharks or any sightings with time/date/location to AFCD and WWF. Check out our Factsheet: Sharks of Hong Kong.


What Hotels and Caterers Can Do – No Shark Fin Restaurant Pledge

Rising consumer awareness on environmental conservation has led to major changes especially in the Chinese banquet culture. We encourage hotels and caterers to remove shark fin and related products from their entire procurement. To go one step further, your consumers will appreciate you providing them with an ocean-friendly menu serving sustainable seafood!

No Shark Fin Restaurant list: Click here 
Ocean-Friendly Menu Restaurant list: Click here 


What Corporations Can Do – No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge

A positive corporate image, including by supporting environmental conservation, is important for a successful corporation. Unfortunately, shark fin consumption at the corporate level remains high, accounting for 35 per cent of Hong Kong’s total shark fin consumption. Make a difference by choosing sustainable seafood for your corporate events.

Join more than 190 elite companies that have made a No Shark Fin Corporate Pledge, and developed a shark-free internal policy, to forge a better future for sharks.
No Shark Fin Corporate list: Click here 


What Shipping Companies Can Do

Hong Kong accounts for more than 40 per cent of the global shark fin trade, with most of the shark fin imported into Hong Kong entering via the ocean route. In 2018, 87 per cent of shark fin (by volume) imported into Hong Kong entered using the same ocean route, making the role of shipping companies in shark conservation efforts invaluable.