Course Description

     The five-kilometre course will take about 3-4 hours to complete, passing through seven checkpoints that highlight key features of Mai Po’s habitats:

​Checkpoint 1:  Birdwatching Station
Checkpoint 2:  Meet Mai Po’s Mammals 
Checkpoint 3:  Buffalo at Work
Checkpoint 4:  Wetlands Habitat Visit 
Checkpoint 5:  Discover the Gei Wai
Checkpoint 6:  Species Invasion
Checkpoint 7:  Protect our Home

     Along the way, you can also take part in additional activities by signing up for:   


Route B: Wetlands Exploration:
  1. Mikania Removal - One of the most common invasive species in the reserve, mikania infestation negatively affects Mai Po's habitat Experts will help participants search for traces of the species, introduce the impacts of mikania and lead a clearance activity in the Reserve.
  2. Mangrove Boardwalk Tour - Walk along a magnificent mangrove forest accompanied by our professional eco-guide, who will take you to a floating bird hide and enjoy the magnificent view over Inner Deep Bay and glimpse the thriving mudflat ecology.
  3. Ceramic Workshop  - Learn more about gei wai culture and the beauty of different species in Mai Po by creating their own unique species using mud from the gei wai.
  4. Postcard Drawing Station - Breathe in nature in the middle of a freshwater pond as you learn simple techniques to draw the many frequent wildlife visitors in Mai Po.
  5. Rope bag DIY hub - Create a sustainable shopping bag using natural materials

Age Restriction

This event is suitable for participants aged 4 or above only. For safety reasons, baby strollers and prams are not allowed in the reserve.



Facilities such as toilets, benches and water dispensers are located along the route. If you feel unwell during the walk, please head to the first-aid station, where we will have paramedics on standby. You can also seek assistance from WWF staff members at the reserve.

Binoculars Rental

Binoculars (8X zoom) can be hired at the starting point of the walk for a $20 rental fee and a $100 refundable deposit. Some binoculars come with stabilizers. Please inform our staff if you need one.

Bad Weather Arrangement

WWF reserves the right to cancel the event if the Red or Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon No.8 Signal or above is hoisted at 6am on the event day, or if there are other adverse incidents beyond the control of WWF, such as the closure of Mai Po Nature Reserve by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department due to infection control. All donations are non-refundable and will be used to support our conservation and education programmes.

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