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Illegal wildlife trade and consumption are threatening the survival of the world's iconic species. For the survival of these species and for the sake of human health, we must stop the trade and consumption.


The extinction of tigers, elephants, rhinos, and many other species in our lifetime is on the horizon, unless the illegal trade is stopped.

Hong Kong is a major transit hub for the illegal wildlife trade, which is: increasing in volume; underestimated in value; and contributing to the global extinction crisis.

Together, we can work to combat illegal wildlife trading and preserve critical species around the world, and stop the consumption of wildlife and products in Hong Kong.

Did you know?

More than HK$767 million worth of trafficked wildlife were seized in Hong Kong between 2013-2019, including over 22 metric tonnes of ivory, 70 metric tonnes of pangolin scales and carcasses, & 66 metric tonnes of other endangered species.

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WWF-Hong Kong works with Traffic International and WWF offices across the region to put an end to the illegal trade of globally important species, including tigers, elephants, rhinos, pangolins and other endangered species. With strengthened efforts in combatting wildlife crime, Hong Kong can help end the trade in local species, such as agarwood and some freshwater turtles, and help prevent the trade in globally important species that are being transshiped through our ports.



Help our work in protecting endangered species by giving generously to our crowdfunding campaigns and join our annual Run for Wild to promote awareness of threatened wildlife.

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