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Clam digging activities has severely damaged the biodiversity of Shui Hau Wan. These activities are disruptive and puts stress on the eco-system in the area.

Shui Hau Conservation in Focus

The negative impact of recreational clam digging activities at Shui Hau is the focus of a new two-year ECF Sustainable Shui Hau project, launched by ...

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Rendering image of WWF’s Savour Local Flavours Market – Undersea experience at the virtual reality exhibition

Sustainable Seafood Week returns with a Savour Local Flavours Market and Aquaculture Tours #SustainableSeafoodWeek

[HONG KONG – 15 October 2018] Tours of local sustainable fish farms and a market in Kwun Tong featuring local sustainable seafood are highlights of ...

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Themed “Flap Your Wings For Nature ”, Walk for Nature 2018 will be held from 3-4 November.

Flap Your Wings at Mai Po

[HONG KONG – 10th October, 2018] If you haven’t yet signed up for our annual Walk for Nature on 3-4 November at the iconic Mai Po Nature reserve, ...

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Save the Gibbons in Myanmar

Save the Gibbons in Myanmar

When it comes to threats facing wildlife, the first ones that come to mind are poaching, habitat loss and climate change – not a new electric ...

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